VTS 2013 – Last Day – Back to Houston

It wouldn't be camp without a water slide!

It wouldn’t be camp without a water slide!CIMG1694 CIMG1706 CIMG1713 CIMG1857 CIMG1858

Today was the last day of our incredible trip to Israel. When we arrived in Eilat, the weather was already very sunny, and hot. We made sure that everybody had sunscreen on, and we began our activities! The children got to play on the 2 giant water slides under the supervision of our trained life guard. Counselors and campers made their own hallah (pluriel: hallot) that they took home…What a great baking smell in the air!!. Whenever they were tired from playing, they filled up a see-through bottle with blue water, and a sea creature of their choice that they’ll see growing everyday! Those who wanted to just enjoy the outdoors got to play Gaga…and because we were sad to leave Israel, and each other, every camper designed their own square that we tied altogether to keep a “souvenir” of the whole week spent together. Tonight it will be hanging in the Social Hall. All the children got their filled-up passports back, their name tag with Israeli visa, and their tie-dyed backpack in Eilat Airport, as they were ready to embark on the El-Al airplane. Before landing in Houston, every passenger received a special pen made in Israel, with a retractable “prayer for the road” (T’filat Haderech), to use for future trips, and a bookmark with the lyrics of the HaTikvah (the Hope), the Israeli national Anthem.


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