VTS 2013 Day 4 – Beer Sheva

We arrived in Beer Sheva where we had many guests welcoming us in this growing city at the gate of the Negev desert.We sang with Joe Buchanan, danced with Sharon Rosenthal, and had our faces beautifully painted by artist Elizabeth Bell.

We spent some time in the Bedouin market, having a feel of bright colors, and tasted some delicious falafels with all the condiments that make this vegan Israeli pocket sandwich so appreciated by grown-ups, and children.

We got to practice some Hebrew, sing some more, and have a fun show with Nitsana Lazerus’ Israeli puppets.

CIMG1464 CIMG1472 CIMG1492 CIMG1594 CIMG1598 CIMG1663 CIMG1665 CIMG1679 CIMG1683

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